How To Make Money On Clickbank | Clickbank For Beginner Free Traffic Methods

In this article an going to be talking about how to use free traffic to generate income and more lead using clickbank in a very effective and simple way. Oooh i have not introduce myself, I go by the name Joel Pillar am a blogger, web designer and an expert in affiliate marketing i also manage a youtube channel “Online Hussle Mystery” where i basically talk about how to make money online generally and right about now we are going to be talking about how to make money on clickbank with 5 tested and trusted methods.

If you want to make money using Clickbank then you have come to the right place. I am going to spill the beans and tell you my 5 best ways to make money using Clickbank. If you want to make money with Clickbank then follow these steps and I assure you that very soon you will at the very least make some money using Clickbank! Once you make your first few dollars you’ll be hooked and start making lots and lots more by just repeating these steps.
This strategies that am going to discuss with you is very powerful and if you stick to one or two of it you are going to be making at least $2000 in a week, So let dive straight into it and see what i gat for you.

Below are the methods we are going to be talking about and trust me this article is going to be the best you’ve ever read so read to the end and am going to be giving you a bonus at the end of this article that you can also use to make money fast.


In the video below you will get to know how to use pinterest to drive traffic to your affiliate link and also you can use pinterest to drive traffic to your website, pinterest have over 1B visitors per month and that makes it very powerful and before you watch the video let me brief to you what’s inside the video tutorial

  1. You need a product to promote: here you will have to go to the affiliate platform that you are using to choose a good product and it works for every affiliate network worldwide.
  2. You will create a pinterest account related to your targeted niche: you cannot just create ordinary account, what i mean here is that you cannot just create your account with any name you have to create your account base on your niche i.e if you are in a relationship niche let say “His secret obsession” then you can give your account a name like “Relationship freedom”
  3. You will need to do keyword research because you cannot rank on pinterest without targeting a keyword, you will see how to do that in the video below
  4. You will need to follow people that follow big channel in your targeted niche and it’s sometimes called follow and unfollow, also pinterest enable you to follow up to 400 people in a day so you can easily get followers and if you don’t have followers at first don’t mind just make sure you do keyword research so that you can rank
  5. You will need to create pins and post at least 10-15 times in a day and make sure your pins is very attractive and eye-catchy, you can create pins through canva, pixabay and lots more. So with that said let get into the video.


Quora is another powerful website with over 471M visitors per month and the most visited country is the US and it is well known that the most countries that purchase product online are English speaking countries like US, UK, CANADA, NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA and so on.

Quora is a question and answer website where you can ask any question and you will get tons of answers worldwide, you are going to see how to use quora practically in one of the videos in this article so keep reading for you not to miss out and also you can create a space on quora with your targeted niche and share the space to other space related to your niche.

What Is Quora & How to Use It for eCommerce Marketing in 2020


Medium is popular website too where you can become a writer and get paid and also write article for your business and get it rank, medium have over 194M visitors per month and the visitors are mostly from US and UK. Medium have certain rule in which you have to follow so that you will not be tagged spammer, you just have to create a simple post and it will rank on google and if you search for things on google you article from medium ranking from the range of 1-6.

In the video tutorial below you will see how you can you can do it for you not to violate their rules and also you don’t need to write article for your self if you are not good at that all you need is to go to ezinearticle and search for article related to your product then insert your affiliate link because they allow it.

Warning! make sure that if you insert your affiliate link in the article make sure you leave a disclaimer somewhere in the article or below so that your post will not violate their rule, disclaimer like (This article contain affiliate links which means if you click on the link and purchase anything i will get a commission which doesn’t add to your cost.) so if this is done then you are good to go and it’s what you can do to make up to $200 – $500 per day.


Facebook is the most powerful tool for affiliate marketing both with free and paid traffic with over 24B visitors per month which make it the 3rd largest social media platform, if you are a newbie to affiliate marketing i will advise you to use free traffic at first so that you will know and understand what people want although if you use paid advertisement you will make money but i prefer free at first, below are the brief info of what’s inside the video.

  1. If you want to start with facebook you need a facebook account
  2. You will need to change your location to the top countries if you are not their
  3. You will join facebook groups related to your niche assuming you are promoting “His secret obsession” which is about relationship then you will search things related to relationship and join them but don’t join too much because facebook is now very sensitive
  4. The location that you change will now work here, you will go to member area and start messaging people and make sure you message at least 30-40 in a day so that you will not get blocked, and when you switch to member page you will see those that joined the group of recent and they will be around the location that you changed to (that’s the main reason of changing location), a lot of people are messaging 100ths of people in a day and if you do that now as of 2020 you facebook account will be blocked/disabled but if you are from the top countries then you don’t need to change your location
  5. Before you mention your product to people make sure you have gotten their trust and it is advisable for you to follow them for few days so that you will build relationship and trust between the both of you.


Instagram is another traffic horror which have over 5B visitors per month and a lot of people have been using it, and i don’t need to go too deep in to it because the same thing that we discuss above about pinterest is what you are going to do, but here you will search on instagram for a very reputed instagram page related to your niche and create your own profile the same way and also you should check for high engaging post on their page, download it and repost it but make sure you hashtag them, you can copy their post link and go to Gramsave to download their post then repost.

Make sure you are posting up to 6-10 per day for you to get attention and you can also do hashtag research at Hashtagify to get highly targeted tags

So guys this is all i can give you for now but very soon i will write another article about free traffic generation because there are lots of ways to generate free traffic including

  1. Youtube
  2. Indeed
  3. Reddit
  4. e.t.c

Here is the bonus that i want to give you.

Go to a website called Freeadforum or classifiedads and to post free ads that will run for 90 days

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